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18th Century Herb Garden at Historic Yellow Springs


The 18th Century Herb Garden at Historic Yellow Springs which is located in Chester Springs, PA. The garden was researched, designed and planted by the Unit and was dedicated in 1987 on the site of the first Colonial Army Hospital funded by the Continental Congress in the colonies in 1777.


The garden, which was recently renovated, includes many of the plants for medicinal use available locally in the 18th century. The list of plants was taken from a lecture on herbs given by Dr. William Shippen in 1765. In this lecture Dr. Shippen, a professor of anatomy and surgery at the College of Philadelphia, emphasized the beneficial nature of certain herbs. Dr. Shippen, a Philadelphia resident who was educated in Edinburgh, Scotland was appointed the director General of Military Hospitals in 1777. The doctors, nurses and assistants at Washington Hall would have been wholly familiar with the healing benefits of these herbs and would have used them to nurse the soldiers.


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