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Parsley is the 2021 Herb of the Year

  • Parsley includes three major varieties, curled leaf, flat leaf, and the lesser known turnip-rooted parsley. There are a number of cultivars within each variety.

  • Parsley grows best in partial sun, along with moderate watering. After blooming it can reach a height of 30 inches, spreading to about 12 inches wide. When flower buds appear, it is best to remove them to prevent parsley from going to seed. Pruning will encourage growth.

  • In cooking, use the stems, along with the leaves for a richer flavor.

  • Parsley contains a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. It also has antiseptic qualities due to the high amounts of chlorophyll.

  • Parsley can be dried or frozen and is a great addition to any garden. 


Source: The Herb Society of America

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